McCue Engineering Contractors has a dedicated team of operators with specific education, training and work experience. Each operator receives specific training and instruction on how to operate and maintain all of the equipment at each project site. In addition, McCue ensures that backup or spare equipment is available on site for all equipment that is subject to wear. McCue maintains a tool locker with all tools required to maintain and repair system components in the field, and each technician is trained in their use.

McCue Operators:

  • Monitor inlet and outlet conditions
  • Collect inlet and discharge water samples for laboratory analysis
  • Have thorough knowledge of plant equipment and chemical application to ensure a quick and effective response to inlet quality and flow rate changes
  • Complete maintenance and repairs to equipment during┬áprocessing
  • Monitor equipment function and performance in order to prevent downtime by anticipating problems before they happen
  • Manage any waste streams
  • Monitor and optimize chemical usage
  • Assist McCue project managers with chemical and materials procurement, supply and shipping
  • Complete data management
  • Communicate with other site personnel regarding plant operations / site activities
  • Communicate with McCue project managers and engineers to relay information about plant operation
  • Complete tasks assigned by McCue project managers and engineers including system modifications, bench testing, water sampling, maintenance etc.
  • McCue also provides Third Party Training and an Indigenous Peoples apprenticeship program. Please contact us for details.