Industrial Wastewater Treatment

McCue Engineering Contractors can design and implement plans to standardize industrial wastewater treatment equipment and operating procedures across your operations. These plans can be integrated with capital project goals. They can even help you reach your sustainability objectives.

Talk to us about custom packages:

  • That meet Canadian or US regulations for industrial wastewater treatment.
  • For large or small scale industrial and commercial applications.
  • Designed to meet your operation’s unique requirements.
  • Including Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) Compliance and Audit Programs.

Water Management Strategies

Are you looking for ways to reduce water consumption? Even better, do you want to make the most of existing water treatment and recycling programs?

Efficient process and wastewater management can help you meet corporate environmental goals. Talk to us. We can save you time, money and help you tick a few sustainability boxes.

Here is an example of just one logistical concern that you do not to have to concern yourself with:

Why is our wastewater discharge noncompliant with our operating permit requirements?

  1. Thinking Technically: Why are half of our facilities noncompliant while the others have no issues? What operational changes or water treatment equipment do we need to be compliant?
  2. Thinking Labour: Who is going to audit our water treatment systems? Can they develop operational changes or supply, install and maintain the water treatment equipment we need?
  3. Thinking Logistically: How far away is the maintenance crew? Can they respond quickly in the event of a process upset?
  4. Thinking Sustainability: Where is the equipment going to be manufactured? How far do the labour and equipment have to travel?

McCue has the answers you need in regards to industrial water treatment.

Our General Water Treatment Services include:

  • Characterization of wastewater management issues
  • Bench and field scale testing of wastewater treatment technologies
  • Development and bench scale testing of chemical treatment programs
  • Design of treatment equipment to meet water quality objectives
  • Equipment and chemical procurement
  • Water treatment system fabrication, installation and commissioning
  • System operation and maintenance

Dewatering and Water Treatment

We also provide cost effective dewatering and water treatment equipment for other sectors including:

  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas
  • Construction