Brownfield Remediation

In Situ Remediation Services

Trust McCue Engineering Contractors to provide reliable and effective remediation services and technologies to meet your site-specific remediation objectives for soil, soil vapour and groundwater.

We specialize in the application of in situ remediation technologies including:

  • Multi phase extraction systems
  • Dual phase extraction systems
  • Sparge and enhanced sparge systems
  • Soil vapour extraction systems
  • Groundwater circulation wells
  • Soil vapour mitigation systems (for new and existing buildings)
  • Pump & treat systems
  • Hydraulic barrier systems
  • Combined technologies, emerging technologies, dream it up and we’ll build it!

McCue’s services include:

  • Pilot tests
  • Design & design consultation, including Engineer of Record services
  • Custom wellhead design
  • System fabrication, including all piping, electrical, instrumentation and automation
  • Chemical procurement
  • On-site construction and system installation, including related earthworks, pipeworks, electrical and sewer connections
  • System start-up and testing

Our Operations & Maintenance Services include:

  • System performance monitoring
  • Optimization
  • Full maintenance services
  • Troubleshooting and audits (see below)

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If you need a SVE Pilot Test Kit, rent one from us. Our kit contains custom wellheads, monitoring well caps, a range of differential pressure gauges, pressure and vacuum gauges and in-line Orifice plates for measuring air flow rates.

Troubleshooting and Audits

Why doesn’t my remediation system appear to be improving site environmental conditions?

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you feel an existing remediation system is not performing as it should, McCue can find out why. Our audit will ensure the existing system is suitable for the intended application and, if so, determine how system operation can be optimized so the site remediation or wastewater treatment objectives are met.

An audit may include the following:

  1. A desktop assessment of the site conditions
  2. Review of the system components
  3. Review and summary of the current mode of system operation and monitoring
  4. An assessment of the system performance
  5. Recommendations for system optimization

McCue has the answers you need in regards to remediation system design and performance.