Pushing the Boundaries of Chemical Precipitation

McCue’s engineering team recently completed work that pushed forward the boundaries of what was thought possible with chemical precipitation of metals in mine wastewater.
To assist a mine with their Environmental Assessment, McCue synthesized mine water and conducted bench scale tests in their Delta, BC laboratory that proved chemical precipitation is a viable treatment technology for Antimony, Chromium and Copper. Previous literature indicated limited removal of these metals with chemical precipitation.
McCue’s team later had the opportunity to utilize their findings to treat metals contaminated water with a full scale water treatment system on Port of Vancouver lands.
The work will be presented at conferences including Resources for Future Generations 2018, Mine Water Solutions 2018, and EnviroTech 2018; and featured in the following publications:
Canadian Mining (online), March 1, 2018  article
Resource World, April – May 2018 (page 60)  article
Environmental Science & Engineering, April 2018 (page 30)  article
BCEIA Environment Industry Guide, 2018 (page 18)  article
Watermark – Summer 2018  (page 38)  article