Couer Mining, Silvertip

Drinking Water Treatment Plant

McCue completed the detailed design of a potable water treatment plant to serve Couer’s 150 man Silvertip mine camp in northern British Columbia. The main contaminants of concern were iron, manganese, and arsenic.

McCue’s design included the assessment of both a chemical precipitation process driven by co-precipitation of arsenic with ferric, and a reverse osmosis treatment process. Both options outlined potential waste streams, and potential integration with existing equipment and infrastructure.

  • Assessment of equipment previously purchased by the mine but not in use.
  • Complete options assessment for water treatment, including a review of technologies best suited to target removal of iron, manganese, and arsenic.
  • Assessment of waste streams produced by various technologies.
  • Detailed design for construction, integrating mine-owned equipment where feasible to control cost.
  • Provided recommendations on water source use
  • Developed construction plan with mine operations personnel