Thurber Engineering/First Capital Realty Asset Management

Soil Vapour Mitigation Design & Installation

We completed the design of a soil vapour mitigation system for a mixed-use development at a site with dry cleaning solvent contaminants in soil vapour.

We provided a stamped, detailed design package that met all BC Ministry of Environment (MOE) technical and reporting requirements.

To achieve this objective, we worked with environmental consultants, development owners, architects, electrical contractors and construction contractors to provide a design and construction plan that could be readily integrated into the existing building design and construction schedule.

McCue completed an evaluation of soil vapour management options for the site and determined a sub slab depressurization (SSD) system was the most suitable. The objective of a SSD system is to continuously lower pressure beneath the slab relative to the pressure inside the building in order to prevent contaminated vapours from entering the building.

The major system components included the following:

  • Sub Slab Vapour Collection Piping
  • Piping Network Monitoring Ports
  • Sealed Sub Slab Liner
  • Fan Unit, Engineering Controls and Discharge Point

McCue services included:

  • Design of a vapour management system in accordance with BC MOE technical guidance. The design package included a design report describing the objectives of the system and detailed design, including construction drawings as well as a monitoring, maintenance and contingency plan for the system.
  • Inspection of the system during installation and testing of the commissioned system. Preparation of a letter of assurance confirming that the system was installed per the design and documenting the test results.
  • Supply, delivery, installation and commissioning of the vapour management system.
  • Monitoring and maintenance of the vapour management system according to the monitoring and maintenance plan.

Vapour barrier installation in Richmond, British Columbia

Vapour barrier installation in Richmond, British Columbia

Vapour extraction fan and piping for soil vapour mitigation system in Richmond, British Columbia