Northern Mine, BC

Camp Sewage Treatment System

McCue was retained to assess the mine camp sewage lagoon treatment system, which had failed a compliance inspection. The objective of the assessment was to determine a scope of work to bring the system into compliance with the BC MWR under the BC Environmental Management Act (EMA) and to amend the registration to reflect a new operational plan.

McCue’s scope of work included the following:

  • A site visit and review of the system design and original registration application.
  • Liaison with Ministry of Environment staff in both compliance and registrations groups.
  • Development of formal documents to assist system operators and support the registration amendment, including:
    • Startup/Commissioning Procedure
    • Facility Operational Plan
    • Facility Maintenance Plan
    • Emergency Response Plan
  • Startup and commissioning services for the sewage treatment system.
  • Interim operation of the system for a period of 6 months following startup and commissioning.
  • Training of mine personnel in system operation.
  • Oversight of the environmental monitoring and sampling program for one year.
  • Preparation of quarterly and annual reports to the Ministry of Environment.
  • Preparation of an application for an amendment to the existing system registration to modify the type and rate of discharge, and to revise the Effluent and Environmental Monitoring Program accordingly.

McCue acted as the main point of contact between the client and the Ministry of Environment in addressing non-compliances and the registration amendment application.

First hole at the mine site