Parsons Corporation

Mine Water Treatment Plant, Construction

McCue was contracted to complete construction of a partially constructed water treatment plant at the Faro Mine site in the Yukon., which is overseen by Parsons Corporation.

Faro Mine was once the largest open pit lead-zinc mine in the world. Today, it is the site of one of the most complex abandoned mine remediation projects in Canada. The mine spans 25 sq. km, an area roughly the size of the city of Victoria, British Columbia.

The Faro Mine Remediation Project was established to prevent the contamination of nearby land and water from the former mining operation.

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Our team developed and implemented COVID-19 protocols for working in the Yukon.  We worked collaboratively with other trades on site to create and maintain a safe work environment, and received a joint Health and Safety acknowledgement with Mueller Electric from our client.

Water Treatment Plant Construction Scope of Work:

  • Equipment placement on rig mats
  • Mechanical interconnections
  • Installation of instrumentation
  • Pressure testing
  • Elevation survey

Key Project Highlights:

  • Work executed on a high profile, multi stakeholder, Federal and Territorial Government contaminated site
  • Covid-19 Planning: Health and Safety Protocol development and implementation
  • Joint Acknowledgement and Health and Safety Award received
The construction timeline was very tight and McCue worked collaboratively with Parsons to minimize impact on the project schedule.
Mine Water Treatment Plant Faro Mine

Construction of a Water treatment plant at the Faro Mine Site in the Yukon.

Mine Water Treatment Plant Faro Mine