Barkerville Gold Mines Ltd.

Mine Water Treatment Plant: BGM

McCue performed the detailed design, supply, and construction of a mine water treatment plant for the Barkerville Gold Mines Ltd.’s Bonanza Ledge site, located in Wells, BC, Canada. The system design was based on coagulation, hydroxide precipitation, flocculation, settling and filtration to achieve removal of suspended solids and dissolved metals at flow rates up to 800 GPM.

The system was installed in modified shipping containers to allow for modularity and to minimize on-site installation requirements. The Barkerville Gold Mine (“BGM”)’s project was performed on an accelerated timeline, with contract award and detailed design beginning in October 2019 and system installation in March 2020. McCue commissioned the plant in September 2020.

Mine Water Treatment: Scope of Work

  • McCue performed laboratory bench testing to validate the chemical treatment program.
  • McCue performed laboratory bench testing to estimate sludge loading.
  • McCue constructed the BGM Mine Water Treatment System in modified shipping containers to minimize on-site construction.
  • McCue worked collaboratively with other trades, including BGM consultants, staff and contractors to ensure work was on schedule.
  • McCue utilized its large network of equipment vendors to obtain system components to meet an accelerated schedule.

Key Project Highlights

  • Detailed design and construction of the BGM Mine Water Treatment Plant was done on an accelerated schedule
  • Chemical bench testing for estimated sludge loading and validation of required chemical treatment program
  • Timeline and completion of treatment system: October 2019 to September 2020
  • Workplace and procedures adapted to McCue’s COVID-19 Pandemic Health and Safety requirements, delivery of equipment as expected
  • Crew travel and work procedures adapted to McCue’s COVID-19 pandemic Health and Safety requirements for on-site commissioning of the system
Mine Water Treatment Plant

Mine Water Treatment System installed and commissioned at Barkerville Gold Mine near Wells, B.C.