Alexco Resource Corporation, Keno Hill Project

Mine Dewatering & Water Treatment

McCue was retained by Alexco Resource Corporation to provide engineering design services for a project site located in the Historical Keno Hill Silver District in the Yukon. McCue reviewed historical monitoring data for water discharging from several of the historical underground workings throughout the Keno Hill Silver District then developed and executed a chemical bench test program to investigate chemical treatment options, estimate treated discharge water quality, and predict sludge quantity and quality to support the preliminary design of a mobile water treatment plant.

Sludge dewatering and management is a key constraint for this project: the sludge must be dewatered to a “drip free” state for transport and disposal. The dewatering equipment has to be capable of being containerized with a minimized footprint. The containerized unit must be durable enough for mobilization into remote areas and operate with minimal oversight.

McCue completed a preliminary design for a mobile water treatment plant and worked in conjunction with the site owner to prepare the deliverable for review by the external review committee for federally subsidized projects.

McCue’s scope of work included the following:

  • Review of historical monitoring and sampling data for several adit sites to develop criteria (i.e. flow, inlet water quality).
  • Review of site background information to identify design constraints.
  • Review of existing water treatment plant process and performance, focusing on sludge generation, sludge quality and sludge management.
  • Planning, execution, and summary of chemical bench testing to support preliminary design.
  • Completion of preliminary design to satisfy the Yukon Water Board licensing requirements.
  • Preparation of project submittals and internal review meetings with the site owner and Government of Canada project partner.
  • Development of pilot project work plan to support detailed design, focusing on sludge dewatering and management.

Bench testing in our laboratory in Delta, British Columbia