URS Canada Inc./Summit Investments

AS/SVE System, Development Site, Surrey, BC

We were retained to supply and install pilot test equipment, custom wellheads, piping and monitoring equipment for a one-week pilot test.

Full-Scale Installation

We consulted on the design and subsequently installed a full-scale Sparge/SVE remediation system. As the prime contractor, we were responsible for coordinating sub-trades, excavating onsite and offsite trenches for pressure and extraction piping, as well as restoring the trenched area that included a crossing of the Fraser Highway in Surrey.

We connected 35 extraction wells and 20 sparge wells to the treatment system. 20 of these wells were located on or across the Fraser Highway and required dedicated lines running into four separate manifolds erected near the equipment building, and eight were installed in a city right-of-way containing a number of buried utilities.

We supplied and installed 1”, 2”, 4” and 6” galvanized steel and PVC air and vacuum piping totaling 5000’ in length. We also supplied and installed twenty 18” round and 24” square, bolt down gasketed road boxes.

McCue connected all piping to the water treatment system and thermal oxidizer and then brought system online.

Ongoing Monitoring & Maintenance

McCue was responsible for ongoing system operation, including weekly system maintenance, troubleshooting, data collection, and performance optimization for the duration of the project.

System Removal

Aggressive system operation over a nine-month period achieved the remediation objective and the system was shut down to permit post-operation monitoring. An equivalent of 40,000 litres of free phase petroleum product was removed by the system in the nine months it operated. McCue decommissioned the system.

Sparge vapour extraction system in Surrey, British Columbia

Sparge pilot test wellhead, Surrey, British Columbia

Sparge and SVE manifolds, Surrey, British Columbia