BC Hydro

Liquid Boot® Vapour Intrusion Barrier System

We installed a Liquid Boot® vapour intrusion barrier system for BC Hydro’s Big Bend Substation, located in Burnaby, British Columbia. The purpose of the system is to prevent any methane gas accumulating in the subsurface under the building foundation slab from entering the building envelope.

The project involved the installation of a geotextile liner over a layer of venting gravel located below the foundation slab of the building. Liquid Boot liquid membrane was then spray applied over an area of 2,800 ft2 to a thickness of 60 mils. The liner system accommodated over two dozen separate penetrations, including vapour management piping, electrical conduit, and grounding cables. McCue performed smoke testing of the liner, as well as general inspection services, to ensure the integrity of the system. As a final measure, a layer of protective course geotextile was installed over the Liquid Boot membrane to prevent potential damage to the liner system.

Liquid Boot vapour barrier installation in Burnaby, British Columbia