McCue is pleased to introduce a new H&S program designed to encourage safe work practices by rewarding safe behaviour.
McCue Health & Safety Manager Russell Thompson explains, “When workers are recognized for a job well done they engage in their work at a higher level and will contribute more towards the company.  This goes for all tasks including health & safety.  In order to recognize workers’ contributions in health & safety we have decided to incorporate a sticker award program within the company health and safety system.”
There are two types of awards to acknowledge health & safety contributions in the field. Gold & Silver awards will be presented in the form of a hardhat sticker. A written account of each award will be kept in company records.
Silver stickers will be awarded to a worker who shows a continuous commitment to health and safety and our specific health and safety procedures in the workplace.  Silver stickers will be awarded to workers in the field by senior management.
Gold stickers will be awarded to a worker who demonstrates excellence in health & safety, and displays leadership qualities to other workers.  Gold stickers are awarded by the McCue Joint Health and Safety Committee upon recommendation from management.
When asked how the stickers will reinforce behaviour based safety on site, Russ responded “As the old saying goes it’s the ‘carrot or stick’.  It is my hope that these stickers (the carrot) will be a visual confirmation of a workers health & safety expertise and culture, and that other workers will work towards that recognition as well.”
All McCue employees and sub contractors are eligible for stickers.