Local Chew II

Order, Help and Enjoy!

When COVID-19 restrictions put in-dining at restaurants on hold, we showed our support back in April with “Local Chew With McCue” and we’re happy to do it again in May. To help our local economy, support small businesses and show some love to the communities where we live, our enjoyed local cuisine from their favourite restaurants on us. 

Once more, McCue offered each staff member a take-out meal from their favourite local restaurants.

Have Fun at Home

There is a huge list of restaurants that are offering takeout and delivery services in town. Virtual dining has also helped the hospitality industry while keeping us safe with some of the best food that BC has to offer.

As a local SME, we know first hand the value of supporting local businesses.  Support for local restaurants is support for local produce, creativity, food diversity, the local economy, local employment and a unique dining experience. Buying local benefits for the environment, by purchasing locally grown foods, we help local farmers and reduce our carbon footprint. Like our ESG policy, our goal in bringing back round two of “Local Chew with McCue” is to promote our local businesses in supporting their initiatives, benefiting our community, and fostering our employee experience program.

As consumers, we have the power to choose and to bring about change. We’re proud to support local businesses like ours, and we’re even happier to enjoy a nice meal from a local restaurant. Take a look at some of the meals that our team members enjoyed this past long weekend and join us in supporting local restaurants;

Cristina Normandia

This was our first time ordering at Thida Thai, a friend of mine recommended this place to me a couple of months ago, so I had always been curious to try it. We were not disappointed! Shrimp Pad Thai, Pad Seeiew, along Thai spring rolls were exactly what I was craving for. I highly recommend this place.



Chris Call

We picked Emilio Finatti, by far our favourite pizza place on the lower mainland! They add a honey glaze to the crust which gives it a unique and delicious flavour. They also have the coolest looking building in Langley!

Pizzas Emilio Finatti

 Dustin Venhuizen

I ordered tasty dishes from Thailicious!

Thai Food


Esma Al-Autman

I ordered from Burger Heaven in New Westminster, BC. They are known locally for their premium burgers and generous portions.

Not pictured, they have a burger called Ernie’s mile-high, if you dare to challenge eating it. It is 8 patties of meat, and if you finish the entire burger you get to be put on the “Wall of Fame” with a polaroid photo of you and your time. You win a t-shirt and free dessert as well.

If you fail to finish the burger, you get a polaroid photo of yourself with your unfinished plate of food on the “Wall of Shame”.

While we ordered for takeout, we still got to enjoy looking at these photos upon picking up our meal.


Jack Cavanagh

I love Japanese food, I ordered edamame and Nigiri from Sushi U!


Jamie Hunt

Just take a look at these amazing quesadillas and tortas from Las Autenticas Tacos & Tortas Ahogadas. Mmm!


Kareena Gill

We ordered from a newly opened Indian restaurant in Delta, The Yellow Chilli. It was one of our favourite restaurants back home in India, so we wanted to support the new restaurant during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Romick Bhatti

I picked Hugo’s Mexican Kitchen. It’s a great spot for Mexican food in Surrey. One of my preferred things about Hugo’s is the variety of veggie fillings they offer for all of their entrees. I’m looking forward to stopping by for a Margarita when their restaurant opens up!


Tyler Blake

For our Local Chew, we went to White Spot for take-out. Here are pictures from my patio.

Alejandro Gomez

The last time we grabbed food from this place was back when my wife and I were dating! We felt like eating Thai food and Bob Likes Thai Food is one of the solid choices in Vancouver.

Local Chew_Bob Likes Thai Food


Cecilia Garcia

chicken smash potatoes and rice