Environmental, Social and Governance Programs

With a proven track record in business since 2000, McCue Engineering Contractors has many well established environmental, social and governance programs that create value for its clients:

environmental social and governance

Environmental Policies

An award-winning environmental practice, McCue Engineering Contractors complies with all laws and regulations applicable to our operations and activities. We are committed to managing and conducting work practices to protect our workers, the environment, and the communities where we work. We strive to maintain the best environmental practices and consider protection of air, water, and soil a part of our business culture.

McCue reduces its carbon footprint by giving staff the opportunity to work from home. With all the means of staying connected these days, we have moved away from a centralized office which forces employees to commute and have instead elected to permit each employee to work from their home if and when they want.  We are also committed to recycling and reducing office paper use and finding responsible disposal methods for our facilities and jobsite wastes.

As an integral part of our work culture, our Corporate Environmental Policy and Health and Safety programs exceed provincial and territorial safe work regulations.

COVID-19 Operation Plan

Through recent events, we have developed and implemented a COVID-19 Operation Plan to ensure practice of health and safety procedures on project sites and within business operations.

Our people have had the choice between working from our office or from home since the inception of the company 20 years ago. As a result, when the COVID-19 threat started to grow, and the time came to physical distance our existing corporate systems allowed our personnel to easily transition to work from home, and business continues as usual.

In March/April 2020, McCue was able to deliver equipment for an on-going project on schedule by rapidly adapting the workplace and work procedures to ensure COVID-19 provincial and corporate Health & Safety requirements were met without compromising our quality of work and standard Health & Safety procedures. Crew travel and work procedures were also adapted to COVID-19 pandemic Health & Safety requirements allowing for on-site commissioning of the system in April/May 2020.

Social Programs

At McCue, we strive to be a responsible corporate member of society. Social responsibility extends to our workplace (employees, subcontractors), our marketplace (customers, vendors, partners), the environment, and our community. We employ a diverse workforce of experts and provide a high level of training through our McCue U Training Program.

It is our goal to create an enjoyable workplace by providing our workers with flexible work schedules, the ability to bank time and the option of working from home. McCue ensures that all employees are provided with the necessary health and safety training and equipment to ensure a safe workplace.

Our crews are provided with the correct tools for the job, regardless of cost, and are encouraged to rest, eat, and hydrate during the course of a workday. We believe that a well-supplied, trained, and rested crew is a happy crew and a safe crew.

Training Indigenous People (TIPs Program)

McCue is proud to offer Training Indigenous People (TIPs) for water treatment, a training and employment program to help indigenous people find careers in environmental applied science in or near their home communities.

The objective of the TIPs Program is to employ and develop indigenous people with science, mechanical or electrical aptitude into water treatment system operators with the option of challenging the EOCP (or equivalent) small systems test to become a certified small systems operator. A further benefit of TIPs is to be a driver to keep kids in school, as they will require education in science and mathematics to be considered for the program.

Within this program, McCue provides off site and on-site training and mentoring that enables indigenous people to operate industrial water/wastewater or municipal treatment systems (once certified). This is a work-to-learn program in which suitable applicants are paid employees of McCue.

TIPs offer our indigenous operators the opportunity for a career in water treatment; being at the operations site, on their land, actively protecting the environment.


Corporate Governance

In business for over 20 years, McCue Engineering Contractors is a locally owned, private corporation in British Columbia. We are recognized as a business with 50% female ownership.

McCue prides its commitment to health and safety through providing well-established high-quality standard operating procedures and company policies to ensure strict compliance and best industry practices are met.

McCue believes in buying Canadian. Whenever possible, we try to support our local and national companies to keep the Canadian economy strong.

We make an effort to spend money in the marketplace in areas where we work. From hotels and restaurants to pipe suppliers and local contractors, McCue is committed to creating a benefit to the people in the communities where we work. We have found that using local subcontractors is an excellent way to immerse ourselves in the local marketplace of small towns, which provides us with resources that wouldn’t otherwise be available to us. 


Our Mission

“Is to provide turnkey engineering and construction services on time and on budget.”

McCue bridges the gap between engineering design and construction know-how in the field of water/wastewater treatment and remediation technologies. As more emphasis is being placed on environmental issues by the media, industry and all levels of government, the environmental industry continues to grow rapidly and encounter new challenges.

As a result, both new technology and new applications for existing technology are in demand. McCue approaches water/wastewater treatment and contaminated site projects from the twin perspectives of delivering a quality solution to our clients and expanding the industry’s capability to respond with better project designs and equipment. Success in this expanding field demands the collaborative effort of engineers, contractors and manufacturers. McCue strives to continue to be a leader in this effort.