McCue Environmental supplies road stabilization and dust control products in British Columbia. As Canada’s leading brownfields remediation and water treatment experts, we specialize in turnkey systems and provide end-to-end solutions in many sectors. McCue Environmental focuses on providing long-lasting, non-toxic, non-corrosive soil stabilization products from Canadian company Cypher Environmental such as EarthZyme. This Canadian-made solution can improve road stability, and control dust and erosion. EarthZyme can be used in conjunction with Dust Stop for lasting dust suppression.


EarthZyme is our top-of-the-line soil stabilization formula. This product is designed to stabilize roads that are made of marginal materials like clay and that are affected by frequent wet weather conditions. EarthZyme targets these particulates to improve road stability and density, reduce swell, and allow for proper drainage. On its own, EarthZyme can also reduce dust by 60-77% and it can be used in tandem with Dust Stop for lasting dust suppression.

EarthZyme is made of a propriety blend of enzymes, surfactants, and electrolytes, and is used in the actual construction of the road for the greatest effect. These environmentally friendly materials do not act as the binder, and instead, alter the clay particles in the soil to create long-lasting results. The treated particulates are no longer attracted to water, so they sit more closely together, creating denser surfaces that drain more easily. The EarthZyme itself biodegrades in less than a month, but its effects do not fade.

Roads built with marginal materials, such as clay, have a much lower cost than typical road materials like gravel and aggregates, but they are prone to other issues. Common maintenance problems include wash boarding, rutting, heaving, potholing, and dust. EarthZyme improves stability, lowers permeability, and prevents the loss of road materials in treated surfaces to reduce the risk of these issues. As well as being used to create stable roads, EarthZyme can also stabilize sub-grades and soil under the pavement.

To see if EarthZyme is the right product for your road stabilization needs, McCue recommends running several tests from a local lab analytical services provider to ensure that there is the requisite amount of clay particulate of a certain size.

Typical applications for EarthZyme include:

  • Haul/logging roads
  • Access/Secondary roads
  • Parking Lots
  • Tarmacs, Runways and Helipads
  • Erosion Control

Why Choose EarthZyme?

Environmentally Friendly

EarthZyme’s unique blend of materials is environmentally friendly and completely biodegradable. The product itself degrades in less than a month and leaves long-lasting results without any toxic runoff. EarthZyme also conserves road materials and reduces dust, so these are not able to adversely affect the surrounding environment either.


EarthZyme, like all Cypher products, is designed to be non-corrosive so it will not damage equipment used in application or vehicles used on the treated roads.


EarthZyme is designed to be a one-time application. It is used in the actual construction of the road, so with proper techniques, the effects will remain long after the solution has biodegraded. It can also last through hot, cold, and dry weather, though it is specifically designed to aid with roads affected by wet conditions.


McCue and Cypher are both Canadian-owned and operated, so you can support local companies while addressing your road stabilization and dust control needs. Cypher Environmental is headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where it designs and manufactures all its products. McCue Environmental is located in Delta, BC, and distributes EarthZyme throughout the province.

Reduce Costs

EarthZyme is very effective at reducing costs. Marginal materials like clay are much cheaper than typical road substances but are prone to issues such as flooding and loss of materials. EarthZyme addresses these problems by making the clay act as a binder which reduces the need for maintenance and additional materials. Denser roads also have an increased density and stability which helps improve fuel efficiency.

EarthZyme: Corporate ESG

McCue Environmental has a strong Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) plan, committed to delivering environmentally friendly products and solutions for our clients. Please visit our ESG page for more information.

Annually, 12% of net profits from Cypher Environmental are donated to not-for-profit charities through the Cypher Green Roads Initiative. In the case of large purchases, both McCue Environmental and Cypher will work together with the client to provide a product donation, valued at 5% of the purchase, to go towards a local community.

Cypher Environmental Dust Stop EarthZyme Dust ControlCypher Environmental

Cypher Environmental designs and manufactures EarthZyme and other products in Canada for over 15 years. They are based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and use distributors like McCue Environmental to distribute locally and across the world. We are proud to support another Canadian business that uses a team of engineers and scientists to create the best possible product and can be proud to support their mission.

Other Products

McCue Environmental also offers other excellent dust control products from Cypher Environmental, including Dust Stop and Dust Stop Liquid Concentrate.


For more information on EarthZyme and other dust control products, please contact: