News Release: McCue Environmental Distributing Dust Stop

McCue Engineering Contractors announce a New Business Division: McCue Environmental, a B.C. distributor for Cypher Environmental’s non-toxic dust suppressants.


Delta, British Columbia (September 30, 2020) – McCue Engineering Contractors (“McCue Engineering”) is pleased to announce a new business division, McCue Environmental. McCue Environmental will service British Columbia in the distribution of Canadian manufacturer, Cypher Environmental Ltd. (“Cypher”)’s, non-toxic dust suppressant and soil stabilization products: Dust Stop ®, Dust Stop ® Liquid Concentrate and EarthZyme ®.

Dust Stop ® and EarthZyme ® provide industry, utility companies, government, and private landowners with operational, economic, and environmental benefits through improved road conditions, water conservation and the use of all-natural ingredients.

“We are dedicated to keeping water clean, and we’re pleased to offer dust management products that protect creeks and rivers from the impacts of both dust itself and many of the other commonly used dust control products.” said President and Chief Executive Officer, Chris McCue “We look forward to our collaboration with Cypher in providing new products to our customers.”

“We’re excited about the new alliance with McCue due to the strikingly similar set of core values our companies possess” mentioned President of Cypher, Todd Burns. “Beyond the shared core values, McCue’s expertise and focus on water is well aligned with our product offerings, and I believe BC as a whole is a niche market that has a growing demand for environmentally friendly and innovative solutions.”

McCue Engineering will continue to provide water treatment services and will continue forging relationships with indigenous people through our Training Indigenous Peoples (“TIPs”) for Water Treatment Program.

McCue Engineering welcomes Esma Al-Autman as Director of Marketing and Business Development, to lead McCue Environmental. “McCue has provided me a platform to showcase the benefits of these products to industry.” said Esma. “I am excited for this new opportunity and very much looking forward to being a part of McCue’s continued growth and success.”


About McCue Engineering Contractors

Established in 2000, McCue Engineering Contractors is a Canadian, leading edge, full-service water treatment and brownfield remediation engineering and construction company. McCue continues to provide end-to-end water treatment and vapour management solutions to a multitude of industrial customers including: Mining, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, and Brownfield Sites.


About Cypher Environmental Ltd.

An industry pioneer in eco-friendly road treatment, Cypher Environmental is constantly innovating and delivering greater performance through products for companies, communities and industries that need to comply with evolving environmental standards. With Cypher on your side, you can improve safety, efficiency and your bottom line on every project while not harming the environment.

Cypher products are non-corrosive, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Highly concentrated formulations mean economical shipping, which enhances overall cost-effectiveness. Our long-lasting solutions provide operational efficiencies and potentially significant cost savings while protecting the earth and keeping the world green.

For over 16 years, Cypher continues to provide environmentally friendly, cost effective solutions around the world through our extensive distributor network, as well as direct to many North American and foreign customers. Distribution channels exist in more than 50 countries across the globe. Cypher is a 100% Canadian owned company based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.