Dust Stop Liquid Concentrate (DSLC)


McCue Environmental supplies dust control and road stabilization products throughout British Columbia.

We are experts in environmental technologies.  Our water treatment division focuses on water treatment and brownfields remediation, specializing in turnkey systems in many sectors. McCue Environmental is focused on providing long-lasting, non-toxic, non-corrosive dust control products from Canadian company Cypher Environmental such as Dust Stop Liquid Concentrate, Dust Stop, and EarthZyme throughout BC. These different formulas can be used for erosion control, dust suppression, and road stabilization.


Dust Stop Liquid Concentrate is a highly concentrated formula designed to create a flexible but strong barrier on unpaved surfaces such as roads, stockpiles, and mine tailings. This barrier works to control erosion and seal contaminants in the treated materials while preventing runoff. Dust Stop Liquid Concentrate is an effective dust suppressant, and in high rates of application, it can also help to improve surface stability on treated roads.

The unique solution of Dust Stop Liquid Concentrate is long-lasting, cost-competitive, and non-corrosive, making it a great alternative to other erosion and dust control products. Instead of using salts like many other dust suppressants, Dust Stop Liquid Concentrate is made of environmentally friendly polymers which help to seal particulates without creating any toxic runoff. Once applied, the water from the solution evaporates and the polymers become densely packed to create a barrier. This film is strong and flexible, meaning that it can withstand heavy weights without cracking. Dust Stop Liquid Concentrate also becomes clear once cured so it is barely visible on treated surfaces.

Dust Stop Liquid Concentrate is effective and long-lasting in a variety of weather conditions. Once the solution is applied, the barrier created is non-soluble so it will not run off in the rain. It is also not adversely affected by dry weather and lasts through freezing and thawing cycles.

The concentrated form of Dust Stop Liquid Concentrate makes transport and application simple. To apply the product to mine tailings and stockpiles it can simply be diluted and sprayed on using water cannons and hydro seeders. For road application, a water truck with a spray bar can be used. Though the equipment used in the application should be rinsed thoroughly, the non-corrosive properties of Dust Stop Liquid Concentrate mean that the product will not harm it.

Typical applications for Dust Stop Liquid Concentrate include:

  • Stockpiles
  • Mine Tailings
  • Erosion Control
  • Haul/logging roads
  • Access/Secondary roads
  • Parking Lots
  • Tarmacs, Runways and Helipads

Why Choose Dust Stop Liquid Concentrate?

Environmentally Friendly

Dust Stop Liquid Concentrate is made of environmentally friendly polymers that do not create toxic runoff or have any adverse effect on the surrounding environment. The application of Dust Stop Liquid Concentrate on mine tailings and stockpiles can help to prevent runoff and reduce dust from the site which helps protect the environment further.


Dust Stop Liquid Concentrate is specifically designed to be non-corrosive which ensures that it will not rust equipment and vehicles used in application or driven on the treated surfaces.


Dust Stop Liquid Concentrate remains effective in diverse weather conditions as it creates a non-soluble barrier that can last through wet, dry, freezing, and hot periods. This barrier is also long-lasting and does not require frequent applications even with heavy traffic. The length of time that Dust Stop Liquid Concentrate lasts varies based on the rate of application, and heavier applications also offer some soil stabilization to the treated surfaces.


McCue and Cypher are Canadian-owned and operated, meaning that you are supporting local businesses. McCue Engineering Contractors is located in Delta, BC, and proudly distributes these products throughout the province. Cypher Environmental designs and manufactures its products in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and distributes them worldwide through local companies.

Reduce Costs

Dust Stop Liquid Concentrate can be used to reduce costs in many ways, both in the application and beyond. It is a long-lasting and cost-effective solution. The application can also save costs as the concentrated form is easy to transport, and the process of application does not require complicated machinery.

Using Dust Stop Liquid Concentrate can help to reduce operating costs by saving water, increasing fuel efficiency, and reducing the need for maintenance on treated surfaces.

Dust Stop Liquid Concentrate: Corporate ESG

McCue Environmental was established with the goal of delivering environmentally friendly products and solutions for our clients, and we believe our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) policies reflect that.   Please visit our ESG page for more information. McCue Environmental and Cypher work together to donate both profits and products so we can help give back to the communities we serve. Cypher Environmental donates 12% of annual net profit to non-profit charities through the Cypher Green Roads Initiative, and with our help, Cypher’s, and our customers we donate an additional 5% of the product on large sales to go to local communities in need of dust control.

Cypher Environmental Dust Stop EarthZyme Dust ControlCypher Environmental

Cypher Environmental has been designing and manufacturing dust control solutions in Winnipeg, Manitoba for over 15 years.  Cypher products are distributed worldwide through local companies like McCue. We are proud to be supporting other Canadian businesses whose values align with our own so that we can best serve our clients, our mission, and our environment.

Other Products

Along with DSLC, McCue Environmental also distributes other dust control and road stabilization products from Cypher Environmental, including EarthZyme and Dust Stop.


For more information on Dust Stop Liquid Concentrate and other dust control products, please contact: info@mccuecontracting.com