Dust Stop


As Canada’s leading full-service water treatment and brownfields remediation experts, McCue Engineering Contractors continues to provide integrated systems and end-to-end solutions to a multitude of sectors. McCue Environmental, our new division, provides Dust Control products to improve road stability for road hauling and can be used to seal mine tailings to prevent further contamination.

Current industries use toxic, corrosive products such as road salts for Dust Control measures. Studies have shown that these road salts leach into the environment through water run offs and can wreak havoc on vegetation and our freshwater ecosystems. Other companies have resorted to increased water consumption by spraying water onto roads, increasing fuel and operational costs. These methods have to be reapplied, providing little to temporary affects and contribute to long term problems. 

Introducing, our new line of Dust Control products that allows us to tackle the root of these problems before they even start!


Dust Stop controls dust and hardens road surfaces with only seasonal reapplication typically required. Better road conditions are observed which increases haul road productivity, fuel economy and vehicle life.  This all-natural product also offers many environmental benefits including lower carbon footprint, excellent aesthetics, and non-toxicity to fish. Dust Stop when applied not only mitigates fugitive dust particles, but also reduces the risk of contamination of our ecosystems through water run offs by preventing road salt usage.

Typical applications for Dust Stop include:

  • Haul/logging roads
  • Access/Secondary roads
  • Parking Lots
  • Tarmacs, Runways and Helipads
  • Stockpiles
  • Mine Tailings
  • Erosion Control

Dust Stop consists of natural ingredients that is engineered to be applied to all types of soil, aiding in over 90% reduction in airborne dust particles generated from roads. Dust Stop is not adversely affected by heavy rains or long periods of dry weather. Due to its non-corrosive properties, it has no adverse effect on freshwater fish and road hauling vehicles. Aesthetically pleasing roads and road stability are achieved with Dust Stop. Dust Stop improves productivity, lowers carbon footprint, betters fuel economy and reduces road maintenance.

An additional benefit to using Dust Stop is that it is cost effective. Dust Stop can be used at large-scale mining operations to save vast amounts of water, fuel and operating costs. Over 85% in fuel savings and a reduction in water consumption can be observed. Reducing water consumption means that we can limit acquired water costs for your company. 

We also offer: 

Dust Stop Liquid Concentrate
A formula designed specifically to seal stockpiles and mine tailings from further contaminating the environment. 


Designed for erosion control and clay-based soil and to be used in conjunction with DustStop for long lasting dust control and aesthetically pleasing road stability.  


Cypher Environmental Dust Stop EarthZyme Dust Control

Dust Stop is Canadian manufactured by Cypher Environmental in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It is distributed all over the world. With a team of engineers and scientists behind this product, we are always looking to support Canadian businesses in doing what is right by our mission statement, our clients and the environment.


For more information on Dust Stop and other dust control products, please contact:

Esma Al-Autman, B.Sc. Chem.
Director, Marketing & Business Development
Phone: 604.916.4448
Email: Esma@McCueContracting.com