Dust Stop


McCue Environmental supplies a range of dust control and road stabilization products in British Columbia.

As Canada’s leading full-service water treatment and brownfields remediation experts, McCue Engineering Contractors provides integrated systems and end-to-end solutions in a multitude of sectors. McCue Environmental is focused on providing long-lasting, non-toxic, non-corrosive dust control products from Canadian manufacturer Cypher Environmental such as Dust Stop, Dust Stop Liquid Concentrate, and EarthZyme. These different solutions act as dust suppressants, help improve road stability for road hauling, and can be used to seal mine tailings to prevent further contamination.


Dust Stop is an environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and non-corrosive dust control solution for unpaved road surfaces. The product, manufactured by Cypher, works by binding and hardening loose particulates in road materials to create a physical barrier, which decreases dust and helps improve stability.

Unlike other dust control products, Dust Stop utilizes the functional properties of sugars and starches as opposed to salts. This makes it non-corrosive, meaning that it will not damage or rust any vehicles driven on treated roads or any equipment used to apply the solution. As well, these materials are far more environmentally friendly than the alternatives and do not create toxic runoff that alternative products do.

Dust Stop is long-lasting and effective in both dry and wet weather conditions. After the formula is applied and cured it minimizes how much water can bind with soil particles, allowing for better drainage and stability in the rain, and will set again once dry. However, it also does not need to maintain a certain moisture level to function, so it is more effective than alternative products in dry weather.

This product comes in an easy-to-apply solution. Simply dilute it with water, spray it on the road, and allow it to dry. We recommend applying Dust Stop one lane at a time to allow traffic to continue while it cures, but the product does work instantly and can be driven on immediately after to avoid any delays in production. Transport and application can be done with standard equipment, including a grader, water truck, and compactor, so there is no complicated machinery needed. The effects are long-lasting and vary based on the rate of application required for your type of soil. Contact us to learn more about how Dust Stop can work for you.

Typical applications for Dust Stop include:

  • Haul/logging roads
  • Access/Secondary roads
  • Parking Lots
  • Tarmacs, Runways and Helipads
  • Stockpiles
  • Mine Tailings
  • Erosion Control

Why Choose Dust Stop?

Environmentally Friendly

Because of its unique makeup, Dust Stop is an environmentally friendly alternative to other dust suppressants. Unlike competitive products, it does not create any toxic runoff and does not harm any nearby vegetation or wildlife, which makes it safe to use in environmentally sensitive areas. Dust control itself is also important to the environment and to the health of people and aquatic life in the area.


The materials used in Dust Stop are specifically chosen to be non-corrosive, so it will not rust any vehicles or equipment used on treated roads, unlike other dust suppressant products.


Dust Stop’s unique formula is designed as a seasonal dust control solution and needs less frequent treatments than alternative products. It is also effective in diverse weather conditions and will not be adversely affected by dry or wet periods.


McCue Engineering Contractors and Cypher Environmental are both Canadian companies, it’s good to support local businesses. Cypher is headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where they design and manufacture all their dust control products. McCue is based in Delta, BC, and is a licensed distributor for Dust Stop in the province.

Reduce Costs

Using Dust Stop can help to reduce costs in many ways. It is more cost-effective than water-only dust control both in materials and in labour: a seasonal application is far less work and requires much less water. It is cost-competitive with other dust suppressants like road salts and the long-lasting, easy-apply solution can save operating costs over time. Proper dust control and road stabilization help to improve fuel efficiency in vehicles and reduce maintenance needs.

Dust Stop: Corporate ESG

McCue Environmental is focused on delivering environmentally friendly products and solutions for our clients. We believe our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) policies reflect that.  Please visit our ESG page for more information. McCue Environmental and Cypher work together to donate both profits and products so we can help give back to the communities we serve.

Cypher Environmental donates 12% of its annual net profits to not-for-profit charities through the Cypher Green Roads Initiative. As well, for large purchases of Dust Stop, Cypher donates up to 5% more of the product to go towards Dust Control in nearby communities at no cost to them. McCue works with Cypher and the customer to determine where the donation will be made such as local communities, schools, or parks. Check out the Baffinland Iron Mine Donation Pond Inlet Press Release.

Cypher Environmental Dust Stop EarthZyme Dust ControlCypher Environmental

Dust Stop is designed and manufactured in Canada by Cypher Environmental, headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba. For over 15 years, Cypher distributes all over the world through local contractors like McCue Environmental. With a team of engineers and scientists behind their products, we are proud to support Canadian businesses in doing what is right by our mission statement, our clients, and the environment.

Other Products

McCue Environmental also offers other excellent dust control products from Cypher Environmental, including Dust Stop Liquid Concentrate, and EarthZyme, which can be used on their own or in tandem with Dust Stop.


For more information on Dust Stop and other dust control products, please contact: info@mccuecontracting.com