Celebrating 23 Years of Success and Giving Back

Celebrating 23 Years of Success and Giving Back: A Year of Achievements for McCue Engineering Contractors

McCue Engineering Contractors proudly celebrates its 23rd anniversary today, marking a remarkable journey of growth, innovation, and community involvement. Over the past year, the company has achieved significant milestones, including expanding their Delta manufacturing space to meet the growing demand for PANAQUA™ Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems. Additionally, their commitment to philanthropy and community engagement was showcased through their active participation in charitable events and advocacy for cleaner mining, making it a truly exceptional year for McCue Engineering Contractors.

McCue Engineering Contractors celebrated its anniversary with great excitement with the continued expansion of PANAQUA™. Designed to withstand the challenging conditions of Canadian mines, PANAQUA™ offers a flexible, practical, and durable solution for mine water and camp water management. Its exceptional performance has earned the trust and satisfaction of clients across the mining industry.

Industry Events and Positive Reception

Throughout the year, McCue Engineering Contractors showcased the PANAQUA™ line at various industry events, receiving an overwhelmingly positive response. These events served as platforms for connecting with professionals in the mining industry, sharing knowledge, and exchanging valuable insights. The team’s hard work and dedication paid off, as the product line garnered strong interest and favorable feedback from attendees.

Supporting the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation

McCue Engineering Contractors demonstrated their commitment to giving back to the community through their active involvement in the annual Mining for Miracles Pie Throw event. The company’s President & CEO, Chris McCue, wholeheartedly participated in the event, which aimed to raise funds for the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. In the Manufacturer’s Pie category, Chris managed to secure a victory by raising $5,691.00 for the cause.

The collective efforts of all the participants, including McCue Engineering Contractors, and the unwavering support of the B.C. mining community, led to a record-breaking year for the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. The 2023 Pie Throw event surpassed all expectations, raising an incredible $1,964,834. This outstanding achievement reflects the generosity and commitment of the participants in making a difference in the lives of children in need.

Celebrating a Year of Success

As McCue Engineering Contractors commemorates its 23rd anniversary, the company reflects on a year filled with achievements, innovation, and community impact. The success of PANAQUA™, positive reception in the mining industry, and the remarkable fundraising efforts for the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation are testaments to the company’s dedication to excellence and social responsibility.

McCue Engineering Contractors continues to thrive as a leader in the industry, combining innovation, quality products, and a strong sense of community involvement. With 23 years of success behind them, they look forward to future endeavors, confident in their ability to deliver exceptional solutions and make a positive impact in the mining industry and beyond.