Celebrating 20 Years in Water Treatment

McCue Engineering Contractors is proud to be celebrating their 20th year anniversary in the business of industry and mine water treatment. Amidst COVID-19, staff members put together a short video presentation describing what they like most about McCue, three words that best describe the company and what ice cream flavour the company represents best, just in time for summer.

Currently in the business of industry and mine water treatment, our President and Chief Executive Officer, Chris McCue started the company back in July of 2000. With our CEO’s extensive portfolio in environmental consulting, the company originally served as a remediation system contractor that focused on remediation of oil and gas sites. In 2008 McCue became incorporated and our current Chief Operating Officer, Lynda Smithard, joined the company to bring an abundance of  experience in engineering and water treatment.

In 2011, McCue had expanded to meet increased workload as they moved into the mining sector. McCue was awarded for their water treatment plant design, construction and operation at the Brucejack Mine.  In 2013, McCue moved their head office to their current location in Delta. B.C. After two years, McCue hired Romick Bhatti as the lead Engineering Manager. Bhatti brings along a plethora of experience in small sewage systems.

In the last year, McCue has developed Training for Indigenous People, (TIPs Program), a water treatment training and employment program to help indigenous people find careers in environmental applied science in or near their home communities. McCue will continue providing water treatment systems to a multitude of industries and mines, eventually leading to expansion outside of the natural resources sector.