Benefits of PANAQUA™

Benefits of a containerized water treatment plant


One of the benefits of a containerized water treatment plant that is often overlooked is Health & Safety.  PANAQUA™ containerized water and wastewater products manufactured at our facility in Delta are built in a controlled environment, in a familiar setting, with well understood site specific health & safety policies.  Materials are readily available and workers are close to home, which reduces worker stress and exhaustion; both leading causes of workplace accidents.  In fact, WorkSafe BC reports that serious injuries are likely to occur twice as often on a construction site compared to a shop setting, and work performed in a shop environment results in 30% less injuries on average.

PANAQUA™ products are designed for easy interconnection on site, which reduces personnel hours at the project site when compared to a build in place system.  Containerized equipment doesn’t require an external building, which also reduces both on site construction time and owner risk.

Multiple PANAQUA™ systems can be assembled in “trains” to accommodate larger flow rates without compromising ease of interconnection and allowing the owner to phase construction (and capital expenditure).

PANAQUA™ water and wastewater treatment products simplify the on site construction and commissioning portion of a water treatment plant project and in doing so reduce risk for both workers and owners.