About McCue

Established in 2000, McCue Engineering Contractors is a Canadian, leading edge full-service water treatment and brownfields remediation engineering and construction company. With over 20 years of dedicated experience, McCue continues to provide end-to-end solutions to a multitude of sectors including:

Our performance and quality in undertaking these complex projects is unparalleled. We have no limitations on the technology and solutions we can provide to meet your project requirements.


Water Treatment System Engineering and Construction

As an end-to-end solutions provider, we offer the following services for comprehensive water treatment systems and packages that we have engineered:

  • We Design – Consisting of a team of engineers who specialize in and are dedicated to water treatment, remediation technologies, and vapour management systems.
  • We Build – Constructing modular plants in the Delta facility 
  • We Operate – Dedicating a team of operators with specific education, training and work experience to operate and maintain all of the equipment at each project site. We offer Indigenous training Apprenticeship Program under TIPs.
  • We Maintain – Offering both scheduled maintenance and 24/7 “on call” support services for all its products to assist with equipment troubleshooting, parts replacement and procurement.

We bridge the gap between engineering design and construction know-how through McCue’s team-oriented approach of technical engineers, skilled technicians and tradespeople with relevant education, training and experience in water treatment and brownfield remediation. We understand the perspectives of both consultants and contractors, through acquiring years of technical experience in both roles ourselves.


Partners and Associations

McCue Engineering Contractors is involved with and respresented through the following organizations:

Mine Water Treatment

Buy Canadian

Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, McCue fabricates water treatment systems in our Metro Vancouver warehouse to provide engineering consultants, industry, and private and public landowners all across Canada and the United States. We also complete all on-site construction and system installation works ourselves, including related earthworks, pipeworks, electrical and sewer connections.