Small Sewage Systems

McCue Engineering Contractors offers full services for small to medium sewage treatment systems, including designs by professional engineers on the list of authorized persons under the BC Sewerage System Regulation for systems less than 27.5 m3/day. We have also worked extensively under the Municipal Wastewater Regulation on systems over 27 m3/day. Core technologies include membrane bioreactors (MBR’s) and aerated lagoons.

We specialize in work in remote communities and work camps.

Public Relations and Community Engagement

McCue has extensive public relations and community engagement experience including:

  • Community polls, questionnaires and audits
  • Community or Town Hall meetings
  • Project stakeholder consultation meetings
  • Project stakeholder Q&A via in person meetings, teleconferences and formal correspondence
  • Technical presentations of project designs for project support and permitting
  • Volunteer Board of Director positions in professional associations and institutions
  • Social media campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram

Project stakeholders have included project owners across all sectors we serve, all levels of government, community members, Indigenous Peoples, and special interest (i.e. environmental) groups.