Oil & Gas Water Treatment

Choose McCue Engineering Contractors to treat water from your upstream, midstream and downstream oil & gas operations. Our water treatment solutions are reliable, safe and effective.

Our Oil & Gas Services in urban and remote locations in Canada and the US include:

  • Oil & natural gas exploration and production sites

    McCue has received three rounds of funding from the federal government’s Industrial Research Assistance Program for technology innovation for high salinity frac water treatment technology.

  • Oil refineries
  • Oil terminals
  • Bulk fuel storage facilities
  • Fuel retail sites
  • Spill sites

We are familiar with the challenges of working in places restricted by climate conditions, scarce resources, and accessibility.

In fact, we consider challenging sites in remote parts of Canada our niche.

Here is an example of just one logistical concern that you do not to have to concern yourself with:

Something is broken. How do I repair my filtration system?

  1. Thinking Technically: We need a part. What is the specification for the part we need? Do we need to purchase a spare?
  2. Thinking Labour: Who is going to supply and install the part? Are they qualified?
  3. Thinking Logistically: What is the cost to fly labour in? How do we ensure the correct part arrives in one piece?
  4. Thinking Sustainability: Where is the part manufactured? How far do the labour and part have to travel?

McCue has the answers you need in regards to water treatment for oil & gas.

Our General Water Treatment Services include:

  • Characterization of wastewater management issues
  • Bench and field scale testing of wastewater treatment technologies
  • Development and bench scale testing of chemical treatment programs
  • Design of treatment equipment to meet water quality objectives
  • Equipment and chemical procurement
  • Water treatment system fabrication, installation and commissioning
  • System operation and maintenance